Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends

by davebarclay1954

It’s been too long since my last blog, no excuses would be good enough so I’m not going to make any, all I can do, dear reader, is to apologize (once again) and hope that you can bear with me while I’m going through some hard times at the moment. Every day is a winding road, getting longer all the time. I used to get mad at my school, the teachers who taught me weren’t cool. But to paraphrase the words of one North East lad (Sting), I was born in the 50’s and we knew more than those trying to teach us.

I have found more and more people are talking about mental illness so I now count myself among the lucky few to be afflicted with a mental illness. I started having problems aged 13, which I put down to hormones running wild, friends and relatives would ask me how I was feeling before asking me to join them in games or going for walks. This was because I used to go from very black moods when I would talk about suicide and death, to periods where I was thought to have taken uppers as I was running everywhere and nothing was too much bother.

This also manifested itself in school work at the time, when set an essay topic I would sometimes struggle to write sensibly, however, when given a title and told that I could write about anything as long as it loosely related to the title I gave my imagination free reign. Some of my best short stories were written while I was “on a high”. The other thing which has baffled friends/wives/colleagues and other family members is how I can drink a double espresso and immediately after go to sleep? The only time I ever tried a decaf coffee (I don’t drink tea as I don’t like any that I have tried) I was running around for days and climbing the walls, couldn’t sleep as the brain was just too active. Most people who are affected by caffeine, have the opposite reactions to myself. Decaff means they can sleep after drinking and caffeine rich has them climbing the walls and running around like headless chickens.

To be continued….