Been a long time

by davebarclay1954

Well, my computer was the latest in a long line of f@#k ups this year, emptying my iTunes library so I’m in the process of putting my 1.75Tb of music and video back in there, as you can imagine its gonna be a long time sorting this lot out.

Anyway, while I’ve been putting things back into iTunes I did come across some forgotten gems, for instance the ultimate Steely Dan collection, Citizen Steely Dan, and the Spice Girl albums from the 90’s!

Yes my musical taste is very catholic dear reader, I listen to music to suit my mood, or to influence my mood. Next on the list is Leonard Cohen followed by Status Quo and the Stones. I know Leonard is a hard act to get into at first, but if you persevere you’ll be well rewarded for your patience.

I’m also gonna find time in the next week to 10 days to listen to and enjoy THE original all-girl rock ‘n’ roll group – Fanny! They predated the Runaways by almost 20 years and towards their demise they had inspired another all female group: Birtha, whose first album was Birtha’s Got Balls. Fantastic title for a debut when there were absolutely no cajones between the 5 members.

Fanny, as well as me, counted Eric Clapton, George Harrison and David Bowie among there many fans. Had they continued beyond their first 4 studio albums then they could’ve been bigger than Elvis. If you’ve not heard them do yourself a favour and try checking them out as soon as you can. Avoid Rock ‘N’ Roll Survivors as they had splintered by then and not many of the original line-up remained.

Enjoy yourself, dear reader (to be continued)