Here’s one I prepared earlier

by davebarclay1954

I wonder if you’re as old as I am, dear reader, but you must have seen Blue Peter at some point if you live in the UK. I’ve been reading, and hearing, a lot about tv programmes and films from my youth recently. The title is a reference to Blue Peter, fairy liquid bottles and sticky-back plastic.

I made an assortment of junk into useful items following on from that particular prog. Recently, however, I’ve been wondering what, if anything, opens up the creative juices for the next generation of MMORPG kids out there? We had lots of things to get the imagination fired up, as well as BP there was Magpie, Animal Magic, then there was the Morph plasticine characters, is it any wonder we took a lot of halucinogenics back then?

I was also encouraged at school to allow free rein to my imagination, essays in English would start with a title and we could develop that in whatever way we wanted. In art we were encouraged to follow our own technique when drawing, painting or creating plaster creatures from moulds. The animals were recognisable but not from the colours I used. I used a lion mould and then painted him with a purple body, green face and orange tail and mane. He looked spectacular and won me a prize for most original artwork.

Now I’m older I find the mind’s not as fertile as it once was and I wonder when I lost the creative streak. If anyone knows the answer please let me know.