Here comes old flat top

by davebarclay1954

About time I put finger to keyboard and explained somethings so that I can try and understand them myself. I was at the hospital this morning for a follow up appointment with the sleep clinic. The dr. sent me to have some bloods taken to check for anaemia well, an hour and a half later and following 6 failed attempts they finally found a vein and took the sample they needed, amazingly I’ve only got 1 bruise to show for it! That’s not what got me thinking, however, on my way for the bus I was passed by a man in an electric wheelchair, he smiled at me when I acknowledged him. If he has no legs, only 1 hand and can smile then wtf do the rest of us have to complain about?

I will readily admit to seeing the wheelchair first but I acknowledged the person not his wheelchair or his disabilities. In fact it was only as he passed me I noticed his missing limbs. This is what had me puzzled: disability is only disabling if you let it be. If people (as was ably proven last summer) can compete with physical or mental problems and succeed in their objectives, surely then they’re no more disabled than those of us who are “able-bodied”.

Let me know your thoughts on this or any other topic. Back to the weather, it’s great now the snow has (mainly) gone and walking is no longer a problem. It’s nice to see snow but it shouldn’t stay around for more than a few hours and should never freeze solid to make people fall.

More blogging needed but I’ve gotta go for now…