by davebarclay1954

I knew I didn’t post a blog yesterday, this was due to illness not laziness, but I didn’t post the day before either so I need to post 2 today and 2 tomorrow. No excuses for the 8th or 9th being missed really, illness is a reason not an excuse. Anyway, dear reader, thank you for waiting for me. Although I’m still not 100% well I’m really gonna try and amuse and entertain you with both of these posts.

I follow a blog called TheDroidYoureLookingFor and he’s been running a series of Netflix Viewer reviews, easy for him entertaining for us. So I thought what can I do that’s just as funny and easy without plagiarising his idea? John’s really into movies and I’m just as heavily into music across all genres. Where can I find amusing album reviews? If you have any ideas please post them as comments to this post, thank you, the winner will receive a huge shout out from me!