Things to make you go…

by davebarclay1954

It’s early doors, gonna go to bed soon but remembered I’ve not blogged since early doors yesterday. What to discuss today? I could tell you about the pain I’ve been in since I woke up on the sofa but you wouldn’t care, dear reader. I could tell you about the nightmares I’ve been having recently, and not just while I’ve been sleeping either, but that’s my burden to bear.

Instead, I think I’ll delve back into the past and tell a tale of drink, drugs, sex and rock ‘n’ roll to make your hair curl. But then again, would you really be interested dear reader? I’m not sure I would had it not happened to me.

Ok so if I’m not blogging about any of that what am I going to write about? Especially as I seem to have reached a blockage of some kind, no doubt due to the pain or cold that I’m unable to shift.

Because of that I’m gonna publish this rambling verbosity and try to come back with a bang when I wake up, tomorrow is, after all, another day….