Lost and found

by davebarclay1954

If, like me, you were born in the 50’s I wonder if you can remember the same, or similar, things as me?

Silver threepenny pieces and sixpence pieces in the Christmas pudding? Short back and sides which you had to be dragged to the barbers to get? The queues for Saturday morning cinema club, children only? Flash Gordon serialised movies shown on a Saturday morning. Black and white tv, on huge sets with a tiny screen? Two channels which broadcast programmes in the mornings for schools and university, afternoons for around an hour for pre-school, and then evenings from around 4p.m. Until 11?

Days which seemed to go on forever while you were at school, from 9:00 till 4:00, days at the weekend which were never long enough. 7 weeks holiday in the summer, the first week spent with your mates then off to England for dad’s 2 weeks off work. Only there was no-one around the first week as the English schools broke up 2 weeks after the Scottish, and were only off for 6 weeks, much to my amusement.

Walking miles every day to pick up as many mates as possible to do things with. Adventures grown ups couldn’t fathom. Space travel in its early days with men orbiting this planet a couple of times then coming home.

Computers to control these space missions which were housed in their own buildings, and weren’t half as powerful as the current pc in (almost) every home. Comedy films with Hollywood greats, James Cagney, Lana Turner and Marilyn Monroe? I remember visiting cousins in St. Andrews and watching Cary Grant in Father Goose, staying in my seat when it ended and watching it again. In those days, if you went in partway through a movie you could stay and watch the part you’d missed next time around.

Popcorn wasn’t de rigeur as it is now, you could buy sweets and pop from the corner shop and take them with you to consume while watching the movie. I remember watching the special effects created by the masters of the day, very tame and jerky by today’s standards. Wooden sets which shook when the actors passed by. Those were the good old days, they may have been pants but are remembered fondly. These days, bad as they are, our kids will remember as their good old days. Shouldn’t we give them the best memories we can?