I came across this earlier

by davebarclay1954

Listening to an anti drug song earlier by Roy Harper, the irony hadn’t escaped him either. As an introduction he mentioned that “Drugs for Everyone” was an anti-drug song he’d written some time ago, given his past relationships with chemicals and herbs, it was rather a strange thing for him to do.

I was reminded of another anti-drug song by Harry Nilsson called (I think) “The Ivy Colored Walls”, again not someone instantly associated as being anti-drug. A bit like Keef Richards dressed like a pirate and expecting us to believe he can act the part of Johnny Depp’s dad.

If there was ever a song of irony, however, it would have to be Ironic, by Alannis Morrisette. The thing about irony isn’t the fact it makes sense, it’s rather the fact that it seems strange. This is because we’re all strange in some way.

On that note I’ll bid you goodnight and catch you tomorrow.