Three little birds sit on my doorstep

by davebarclay1954

Well, the blog I was going to post yesterday has been changed so often it’s now tomorrow, except its still today as today becomes yesterday.

I wonder if, this time, I can follow my train of thought to a conclusion. I started off when yesterday was today, today was tomorrow and the rain put me off going anywhere. I started off with the weather, then started moaning about all the rain, that draft was then scrapped. I next started talking about the music I’ve been listening to on both iPad and iPhone, then decided you wouldn’t be too interested, dear reader, so that was scrapped. I left it for a few hours while thinking what I could talk about, and fell asleep. Now that I’ve woken up I’m no further forward, but I really do want to try for 365 posts in 2013.

I can relate to people with problems, after all don’t we all have the same issues at some point in our lives? They reckon everyone is affected by mental health problems at some time in their lives, either suffering an illness or breakdown, or witnessing a breakdown as someone in the immediate family suffers. I’ve seen both sides as I’ve been bi-polar all my life and can no longer cover it up, and my mum had a nervous breakdown just after my youngest brother got married and moved out. She then suffered three heart attacks, was advised to take things easy and ignored that advice, took the Hoover upstairs, felt ill, went back down to the living room and was dead when my dad got in from work. I wasn’t even in the country that day as I’d travelled overnight the day before to pick up my daughter and her 3 step brothers so that they could spend summer with me.

I still find myself talking to my mum now, from time to time, and still miss her, I also miss my daughter (she’s not dead, just not talking to me because I made a stupid mistake in 1997). This is where I’ve got to decide whether or not to publish this, or scrap it and start again. Suppose, if I want to blog every day this year I should publish now and start a new blog tomorrow.