What a day it was

by davebarclay1954

Well it turned out to be an awesome day after all, I had started recording hootenanny just prior to turning over for Fletch yesterday morning and when there wasn’t anything worth watching this afternoon I watched it from the beginning again.

Today I had to go to the local shop, run by a Pakistani family, as I’d run out of sugar they charged me over the odds for it but at least I managed a cup of coffee and cereal. None of the other local shops were open when I went out, the wind was howling round my ears and got inside my pores and bit me to the bone. Today is a funny day, most of the shops are trading Sunday hours, but the shelves have been emptied as though people are stockpiling for a siege.

Only snow, so far, this winter was beginning of December not sure if that means we’re gonna escape for the second year in a row or if we’ll get lots soon. Hope your having a good 1st of January whoever you’re spending it with.