Can I post this?

by davebarclay1954

I know it’s been a while since I last posted on here but I’m having problems with one of two things: either my hub is faulty or my ISP (Internet Service Provider for those who don’t do jargon) has a fault in my area.
Every time I ring the help line it goes something like this:-
Me – I’m having problems going online, I seem to be resetting the hub every 30 minutes or so.
Tech Support (TS) – I’m sorry to hear that, are you online at the moment?
Me – Yes, I’ve reset the hub for the 13th time today is that normal?
TS – No, it’s not normal, are you using a cable or connecting wirelessly?
Me – I’m connecting wirelessly on a laptop, iPad and iPhone.
TS – I see, can you let me take over your computer?

When they do take over, they go into the hub manager and reset the hub back to factory defaults (every time) then tell me the fault is fixed as everything is working! Genius! They do what I tell them has to be done lots of times every day, sometimes twice an hour. When I call back a few hours later they ask the same questions and do the same things. Is it any wonder I don’t ring them any more?
Having worked in Tech Support for 7 years out of the last 12 I think I know what I need to do before calling up, all I need done when I call is to have the line checked to see if there’s a fault there, if no fault is found then someone should replace the hub. I don’t think it takes a degree in metaphysics to realise something’s wrong somewhere, or am I missing something?

Sometimes I wonder what the qualifications are these days for Tech Support staff, I can’t believe Richard Branson will be aware of the poor support his customers are receiving. If I’d been able to pursue unfair dismissal when sacked in 2009 I might have been able to get another job in the meantime. Although I’d been doing the job for almost 6 years, because the first 5 and a half years were “temporary” through an agency before being given a permanent contract 4 months before I was sacked the law was on the side of my ex-employer which is grossly unfair, especially as this has prevented me from getting another job on a tech support role.

Anyway, ’nuff said on that subject.