Subtle as a flying mallet

by davebarclay1954

I’ve been thinking of my daughter a lot recently, wondering how she and her family are keeping and it’s been getting me down knowing that I have 2 grandsons out there I’ll probably never see. That’s why I’ve not been on here for a while but today I thought “I could die today, the sky could fall today, you just never know what’s around the corner” and I thought fcuk it, life’s a mystery, yesterday’s history, tomorrow isn’t yet written, all we have is now, this moment so lets go folks!

I’m right but I’m also wrong, the future hasn’t been written but what of now? Don’t our actions here in this moment carry through to our future? What is here and what is now? Is time merely a concept since its different depending on where you are? That gets me thinking about our perceptions of, not only time, but also right and wrong, God and Satan. As an agnostic I believe in a higher presence but not in God, but please bear with me here…

If the universe was formed by a huge explosion in pre-history, then it follows that it is still expanding but what happens when it can’t expand any further? Will it contract or will there be another bang to allow things to keep expanding? If that’s the case then how do we know the first Big Bang was the first? Maybe there have been others and that’s what created, and destroyed, life on this planet.

I’m not trying to confuse anyone, merely showing that when we start to look into things then more and more things creep in. Or maybe it’s just lunatics like me who see things this way, but that doesn’t mean we’re wrong just that our perception of reality is different. What is reality? It’s the perception of that which is real. However, my perception will be different to yours so who is right? Is there even a right and wrong when talking about perception?

I don’t know the answers but I keep asking the question to try and find out what it is that I don’t know, till next time friends, take care and may your fears diminish with time.