Another Sunday afternoon

by davebarclay1954

Wow, who’d have believed how quickly a week can pass when you’re having fun? Certainly not me, after all the furore about last Sundays XFactor I had to watch yesterday and did I hear correctly, Rylan who is this seasons running joke, said he wanted to prove he deserves to be in a SINGING competition then proved he can’t sing, he is energetic but should not be in this competition, he’d be better off in a Karaoke competition in Ibiza.

Right, now I know what he can’t do I can only assume the person with him in the bottom 2 last week could actually sing. But enough about a competition that is so obviously fixed to be controversial.

This is your 2 minute warning, getting close to the edge now. I’ve always had a passion for music and this has crossed genres so much so I now classify music into 3 categories: 1) music I like, 2) music I don’t like and 3) music I’ve not heard. Normally I’d look for music on the Internet, however, now that Later with Jools is back I find new artists, get reacquainted with musicians I’ve not heard for a while.

More about music next time for now it’s goodbye.