Wtf? Politicians are ruining this country

by davebarclay1954

I wasn’t gonna do this any more, I get fed up with the current government and feel that everyone else will be getting fed up with my criticism of the current coalition but then I felt I had no choice today.
In the latest cabinet reshuffle David Cameron has introduced Maria Miller as Secretary for Culture, this may not start alarm bells ringing for many, but Ms Miller is a homophobic racist which can only spell disaster for the country.


She looks so sweet and innocent, but don’t be fooled by her appearance. I’ve come across some women, really attractive women, who will sugar coat their poison so that anyone overhearing part of the conversation wouldn’t realise how bigoted their comments actually were. I had one superior threaten to kill me if I didn’t do things the way she wanted. After she’d gone I asked those nearby if they’d heard what she said, not one of them knew she’d threatened me, they all thought she’d said something positive about my work and one colleague thought she’d propositioned me!

Anyway, the warning signs are there if anyone wants to look for them, lesson over and I’m off to calm down, before I explode!