What is happening in this once land fit for heroes?

by davebarclay1954

In Britain in the 21st century, it seems there are, once again, two sets of rules. A politician defrauds the country of £40,000 and gets a pat on the back for his greed, a mother defrauds the local authority of £40,000 and gets sent to prison for her need to survive!

Justice is not only blind but stupid as well, our politicians need a wake up call, I’m not suggesting riots merely pointing out that the system needs to be changed for all. We should take a leaf out of some of the most amazing men in the 20th century, Ghandi and King, and have NON VIOLENT protests over the injustices we see every day.

An old age pensioner, who served in the Army to protect this country, needs assistance with shopping every week and yet when her primary carer takes off for 2 weeks in the sun leaving the pensioner with no access to her pension do the bank bend over backwards to help her get money for living expenses? No they don’t, she is left without access to HER money because the bank can’t get hold of the primary carer due to her being out of the country. These facts, coming so soon after the Olympics ended make me feel ashamed to be British in this year of the Diamond Jubilee and the London 2012 Olympics!