It’s good to be back

by davebarclay1954

Well, here I am once again. Haven’t written anything on here for a while so thought I’d let you all know I’m still around still surviving but only just.
No idea what I’m gonna write about since I haven’t really been anywhere due to the miserable weather 😦
Well I’ve spent my time reading, listening to music and catching some old shows this time around as I missed them last time they were on! I’m a fan of James Woods but missed Shark when it was on before, it’s fast paced, lots going on and it’s fantastic.
I’ve also watched the first episode of person of interest and that’s brilliant, can’t wait to see how it develops over the coming weeks.
I’ve discovered some new music these last few days, Fuse and Melonie Cannon to name but 2. I know there’s a huge leap between them, however, I’ve never put music in a bag. There’s only 3 types of music as far as I’m concerned, music I like, music I don’t like and music I’ve not yet heard. As well as listening to those two previously mentioned I’ve been revisiting some of my “old” friends, Jethro Tull, Pink Floyd, the Stones and Roy Harper. I’ve got tons of music and some of it gets lost in the mists of time, I hear the Stones are gonna tour next year 51 years after they started out as a live band in and around Richmond and central London. They should’ve toured this year, I’ve been listening to their early stuff from 1963-1969 cos that was when they performed with the original line up and Brian was a gifted and talented musician and without him etc. Shame his life was destroyed by drugs, if he was still around would he still have been part of the Stones? No-one can say for sure, he loved the idea of being famous and could often be seen, like a peacock, looking fantastic while hanging out with Hendrix, Lennon, or any others out partying in Swinging London.
I’ve also dug out my Small Faces albums as they also started in 1962, amazing group and Steve Marriott had the best voice in 60’s psychedelia, him and plonk wrote some fantastic songs in their day. Shame how so many of the greats are no longer with us. The original mixed up kid, sleeps with the ladies all night, home in the morning light to nothing.
As its now 3:30 in the morning and I’ve got a busy day ahead of me I better get off to bed, wishing you all a good night and hope to catch you again soon!