Isn’t life wonderful?

by davebarclay1954

Where do I begin today? I had a real rant earlier and apologise to my followers for that, it did help to get it off my chest but now I’ve got another, different, problem but while I do want to post about it I really don’t want to rave on about it.
As everyone on the planet knows, there is a current economic crisis which is affecting almost every country, why only almost? I hear you ask, the reason being some economies, China, India and Germany to name but 3, are actually growing at the moment. Germany less than the other 2 but growing nevertheless so what makes them unique? If I knew the answer then I’d be earning a very tidy income advising the Western governments how to get themselves out of this predicament.
The problem here in the UK seems to have been made worse by the current Conservative led, coalition government since they are unable to make a decision and see it through. David Cameron, Nick Clegg and Ed Milliband are well aware that the benefits system is stretched to breaking point. The coalition in power seem determined to stir up racial tension by cutting benefits to UK born citizens while increasing the amounts paid out to immigrants and asylum seekers. Why do I say this? In 2011 in Birmingham, despite austerity measures and public spending cuts, there were ads appearing throughout December advising immigrants AND asylum seekers that due to the Xmas shutdown all tokens for gas and electricity would have to be charged up before the closure and would be charged for a longer period. I am in receipt of benefits, having been born and raised here and spent most of my adult life working and paying into the National Insurance scheme, I have to pay my own bills. I should have been in receipt of bad weather payments but the way this is worked out I didn’t receive any. I was also unable to apply for a budgeting loan to help with essentials (food, drinks, gas and electricity payments) and thus found myself borrowing from friends, going round various free venues, just to keep warm. A lot of these have since started charging or have closed down due to cuts in funding. This in the 21st century which started out full of promise. Where has that promise gone?
To go back to Economics, no-one knows quite how the recession became this bad, or why it has spread around the planet with the speed it has done. One thing is certain, however, had David Cameron been Prime Minister in 2008 the banks would not have been bailed out by the Government and this once great nation would have gone back to the Dark Ages. Thank God we had a strong government at the time who were prepared to do what was necessary to avoid the country becoming bankrupt. I only hope that come 2015 the country has woken up to the current government and gives them their marching orders.