Why are we scared of the unknown?

by davebarclay1954

Yes it’s me again, found something new to say so here goes with today’s thought for the (excited drum roll) week, why are we so afraid of the unknown? (Crash of cymbals) thank you for the drama! Everyone of us on this planet is unique, not even identical or co-joined twins are the same as each other. One thing most of us do have in common is the fear of the unknown, that is why things can stagnate, I’m not just talking about work but even relationships have to evolve over time or they WILL begin to crack under the strain.
Anyone who knows me well enough knows that I embrace change for the better, I don’t accept change lightly, but when things are working and the change proposed will have a negative impact, then I’m all for looking for a different solution. I’ve recently had some counselling to try and get to the bottom of my depression and one of the many things which came to the forefront was that I like a challenge and if a job doesn’t challenge me every day then I get bored and that’s when I tend to do things that my superiors don’t like while looking for a way to fill my need for challenge. Makes no difference which company I’ve worked for, what their attitude to diversity is, I’m perceived as a loose canon, given more and more mundane and meaningless things to do, just so I can be sacked for failing to do one or more.
As an individual, I think my expression of myself should be tolerated as long as I don’t cause harm to anyone and don’t break the law, (of course I have on occasion bent the law). Am I being deliberately confrontational? I don’t think so, companies tell me I am, but I think it’s part of what makes me me and is therefore part of my diversity!
I have never conformed to anything in my life, I’m now far too long in the tooth to change my ways but it is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain my stance as an outlaw, a term I use very loosely because I’m not above or outside the reach of the law. Now why do companies (I could cite a multi-national here but won’t as it would achieve nothing) claim to embrace diversity. (dictionary definition is:
1. the state or quality of being different or varied,
2. a point of difference,
3. (logic) the relation that holds between two entities when, and only when, they are not identical; the property of being numerically distinct.)
If a company were to truly embrace diversity then freaks, like me, would have a chance of earning a living.
It seems I’ve come a long way round to prove my point that my personality is diverse which scares companies from employing me.