Another Sunday with nothing to watch

by davebarclay1954

Why do I pay a tv licence fee? Wouldn’t mind so much if there were program’s on the BBC when the other channels have nothing on that appeals to me. Wish I’d set Quadrophenia: The real me to record instead of watching it :(.
Why did both ITV and the BBC have to show the final from 7pm? If I’d wanted to watch it then not a problem, as I didn’t there was lots of rubbish on the other 350 channels so I went back to reading some eye-witness accounts of 9/11, pretty harrowing tales and the one which explains the reasoning behind these attacks is total BS. The qu’ran, the Islamic bible which preaches love, has been thrown out by these militants in favour of war against every non-Muslim on this planet. They will only be stopped by killing them or being killed by them!
Anyway, it’s getting late, I’m tired, my eyes are aching so I’m gonna call it a day… Monday seems as good as anything else!