Hello again, my friend, it’s been too long

by davebarclay1954

I know it’s been a long time since I last posted anything but I didn’t really have anything to share, now, however, I do. Sir Richard Branson posted on Google + about the rainforests in Madagascar being depleted rapidly, also today saw the beginning of Earth Summit Rio +20. If the politicians cannot find a way to agree on changes we have to make to save this planet then we’re gonna have nothing to leave for our grandchildren’s children. The rainforests are really the tip of the remaining iceberg which started decades ago when we discovered the ozone layer was being depleted.

We need to make our politicians sit up and take notice that if the ice caps at the poles continue to melt then the planet is going to take drastic action to save itself, this WILL result in the death of millions of people, animals, plants and buildings. If we cannot understand why this will happen we should look around to see what is going on around our planet at the moment – earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, floods – and this is only the start. If we do nothing it will only get worse, until Nature decides to step up the necessary destruction to restore this planet. The last ice age killed off loads of dinosaurs, the next one will wipe out humanity, or at least most of us will go. The only winner will be the planet, same as before. I know I’m not the only one alive on this planet today that recognises our ancestors knew what needed to be done to preserve the status quo, our current politicians don’t care about preserving the planet as long as they can make a shed load of money killing it.

If there was more money out of going green the politicians would be urging us to go green. There isn’t so they aren’t pushing us that way, the oil companies want to continue pumping their oil to us but if we had cars that didn’t need petrol or gas to run they’d go out of business which is why the real loser is the consumer. There was a car developed which no-one wants us to know about which uses electricity from the battery to get going, does not rely on fossil fuels to keep going and will keep the battery charged while it is running. The net cost of running this car is 0, nada, nothing, it doesn’t pollute, it doesn’t even require road tax because it is non-polluting. Of course no-one knows of this because the oil companies would close down and all their employees would be out of work, the gas/petrol stations would close and their employees would be out of work. Another innovation which is unlikely to see the light of day is the flying car, a prototype exists in the USA but the politicians and car manufacturers don’t want us to know about it because it would mean the end of roads, putting more labourers out of work.

These vehicles do exist and we should be pushing for the right to see them and to see whether or not they work to reduce pollution, traffic jams, and road rage! If you agree with me please feel free to post links to this blog of mine. I’ve been Dave, it’s been a real pleasure but I’m expecting a knock at the door which means I will disappear without a trace…