Back to reality with a bump

by davebarclay1954

After last weekends celebrations it’s been back to normal with so many channels but nothing to watch. I have never been a big soccer fan, I prefer American football, but this year I’m even less interested in the Euros than normal. The only real chance England have got is to get through to the knockout stage before heading home.
The entire country have no faith in the team because the team have no faith in themselves, I can’t remember the last time this happened to England. Of course North of the border would be a different story, if Scotland qualify for any big tournament the entire country prays for a miracle but gets behind the team anyway even though the expectations of winning are low they are just so proud the national side made it to the final stages.
As a Brit (I was born in England, brought up and educated in Scotland) I love to see any British team do well against the rest of the world, in any competition. I won’t be watching the Olympics but will find somewhere to watch the torch relay when it gets here. I hope team GB do really well as we have got real talent taking part and it’s local (well, London) anyway.
So why this blog today when I’ve been on here intermittently since joining, I was going to try for a daily blog, as others do, but then I thought that would be like a diary and I’ve not kept one since 1977 when I had loads on and it helped me to remember where I’d got to go and afterwards what I thought of our performance what the audience had been like and so on, I no longer have that diary it’s been lost in the mists of time.
Any road up (as the bishop said to the actress) the point I think I’m trying to make here is that I am very patriotic towards this Great Britain, even though that’s been very difficult of late. This is due to the influx of people from war zones who take benefits from this country, which we keep being told we can’t afford, then criticise us for being Christian and not Muslim. They test our ability to recognise terrorist threats by voicing genocide threats then protest about their human rights when we are prepared, at taxpayers expense, to send them back where they came from. The worst thing of all is the EU tell our government we have to allow these terrorists to remain here but we can’t lock them up and our politicians are too weak to suggest that the terrorists are placed into the care of the Germans, French or Italians to keep him safe.
End of topic before I really start going to town.