What a weekend wasn’t it gr8

by davebarclay1954

We certainly know how to celebrate a royal jubilee don’t we?
Sixty years on from King George VI and still going strong, long may she continue and may the Duke of Edinburgh make a speedy recovery, he was missed by everyone since Monday. The speeches have all been made in honour of our monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, and the country is settling down and going back to business as usual.
If nothing else was achieved over the weekend, our Queen saw the love the nation has for her and her husband. I’m sure everyone had a brilliant time and we forgot our own personal problems for 4 days, which is no bad thing.
God save the queen, we mean it man, we love our Queen, God saves!
Now the dust has settled on the punk tribute from 1977 for the silver jubilee I hope people can see it for what it really was, a tribute to her majesty while criticising her government of the day who left those of us who were unemployed on the scrap heap. The silver jubilee weekend, again, was a fantastic success, here’s to the Platinum celebration in 2022, I hope you make it ma’am and give us another reason to celebrate and forget our worries once again. A word to the wise and caring family, let Her Majesty have some time off with her husband, Prince Philip, such a strong marriage as theirs is a blessing from God and I’ll finish off now by saying God save the Queen and long may she reign, the only time my generation will get to see a diamond jubilee was this weekend!