I don’t exist

I’m the urban spaceman has been running through my head these last couple of days not least because I’ve been thinking about groups reforming and thinking of anniversaries due to the Small Faces reunion with only 2 of the original 4 members left. This reminded me that the Stones celebrate the same anniversary and there’s still 4 of the original members left so surprised they’ve not worked in years, at least together
Another of rock royalty greatest heroes of our time have only 2 out of 4 left and it was 50 years ago that the oldest member joined the other 3, making Richie the youngest fab. Could they tour together this year with Julian Lennon and Dhanni Harrison substituted for their respective dads? I’d love to see that and would travel across the Tyne to see them.
However, this blog started as I was thinking about the late great Viv Stanshall and wondering how many of the Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band are still around. If you enjoy comedy in music (weird Al Yankovic et al) then check out some of the Bonzo’s stuff or even the Baron Knights who I’ve forgiven for stealing the name of my first group, misspelling Barren and becoming successful leaving us battered and broken to become The and then Morph into The Dogs, before calling it a day in 1977.