2012 what a roller coaster year

by davebarclay1954

Well, here we are almost half way through another year and what a year it has been, Firstly the Mayans, who created lots of calendars and these ended with upheaval ended all their calendars on 21 December 2012 so people (once again) are talking about the end of the world. What are they gonna think on December 22? The planet is going to keep revolving silently in space around the sun (our closest star). If we, as a species, wanted to we could produce a breathable atmosphere on Mars and this was discussed in the 1970’s (albeit by unknown scientists and comedians) who were not taken seriously. I believe there is other life forms in the greater space of the universe, we’re too stupid to be the only beings living here, and I’m not being hypocritical of great minds like Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawking or anyone else (myself included) with an IQ in excess of 170, I am referring to mankind as a whole.

Yes we went to the moon but we stopped there and haven’t been back since the 1970s, why? We have had great thinkers throughout history: Leonardo da Vinci drew the first blueprint for a helicopter, oil hadn’t been used at that time to power anything, where did his inspiration come from? We have been hearing of reports of “flying saucers” or UFO’s visiting this planet, were they checking on our progress or merely curious to see what breed of creatures we are?

For the last month I’ve been puzzling over some discussions I had when I was younger (but older for my years than any of my peers – bar 1). We discussed many things when we found ourselves alone together, usually it started with a news item we’d heard or read that day and would meander through several topics before ending with us cracking up and sharing a joint, we never argued even though we often disagreed, I miss those times when nothing seemed to matter. When I was at school (and didn’t have to bother studying as I knew more than my teachers gave me credit for) I had a very easy ride, pretending to be really thick but I was the one who attempted the nuclear physics question in my O level mock and scored 18 out of 20 for it. The teacher was unimpressed as he thought I’d guessed it all.

I read and learned things that no-one knew I knew. Plus at my previous school we had covered nuclear physics for 3 months. With no revision when I had 5 weeks study leave I ended up with 7 O level passes and could have gone on to university but I couldn’t concentrate on applied sciences as the class size was too large, maths was below me so I disrupted the class, without meaning to (I fell asleep in the back and kept the teacher busy trying to wake me up). I was still reading passionately and remembered most of my reading material. My favourite authors at this time were Jack Kerouac and Nitsche. The authors favoured by Jim Morrison. If I’d known then that I would still by alive at this age of 58 I might have paid more attention to detail and done what I intended to do, become a vet for exotic animals and worked in a zoo somewhere.

No good dwelling on what if, but what teenager of my generation who was dabbling with drugs was going to live beyond 27? That seemed to be the magic age where you either left this mortal coil or kicked off with a statement that was so profound it would last forever. In the years between 1969 and 1971 we said goodbye to quite a few of the 27’s, starting with Brian Jones who’d just been sacked by the Stones, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix and the aforementioned Jim Morrison. The first, as far as my crowd were all concerned, was Robert Johnson (born 1911, died 1938) the godfather of the blues. The other member of the 27 club which followed on (for us) from Robert Johnson was Blind Owl Alan Wilson from Canned Heat who also died in 1970.

In my teenage years, I was sure that I would be dead at 27 before I turned into the old age of 28. As the time approached and I was close to my 30’s I thought about buying a bike (bike of choice was not a Harley Davidson but an Indian because it had more character) and just go for a ride ending in a dive off the white cliffs into the English Channel taking the bike with me. To that end I never did learn to swim even though I love the water. To this day I still cannot swim, and yet at 17 I joined the Royal Navy, signing on for 9 years (the pay was better) but knowing I would have 4 opportunities to leave due to my age on signing on, 3 months, 6 months, 9 months and 12 months after signing on. I was given an honourable discharge as SNLR (Unsuitable). (The SNLR is Services No Longer Required and was always followed by a reason why you were not cut out for a life of service to the crown).

However, I digress and I’ve forgotten where this was originally leading so I’ll leave it for now, and unless someone asks me to complete it and add some pics to brighten it up it will remain like this… unfinished.