Today Is The First Day Of The Rest Of Your Life

by davebarclay1954

Another chance to wax lyrical and philosophically, today is a bank holiday Monday and it has been an interesting day, started off cold and sunny then we had rain in the afternoon but I wasn’t too worried as I went out this morning and enjoyed the sun on my face. The World Snooker Championship has reached the final stage of the 17 day marathon with Ronnie O’Sullivan facing Ali Carter, Ronnie started the afternoon with an overnight lead of 10-7. He looked the better player in the first half of the session as Ali missed balls from their spots to extend his lead to 14-7 and, unless Ali made an amazing comeback, looked certain to finish 18-7 and end the final with a session to spare. After the mid session interval Ali seemed to be more relaxed and took the next 3 frames to pull back to 14-10 down before Ronnie took the last frame in the session and they will be playing at least 3 frames this evening.

To go back to the title I’ve chosen (I was reminded of this when watching the snooker) I have lived my life as though every day is my last to squeeze as much out of life as I possibly can. I was talking to a counsellor the other day and was reminded that, because of my lifestyle, I should not have been here today. Actually I have had four close encounters with Death and am still here so I must be destined for great things or just have made a friend of death and persuaded him not to take me yet.

I have yet to find out which it is, but I was 3 when I contracted meningitis and the doctors gave me a 20% chance of recovery, yet I did recover. I was stung by a wasp and, purely by luck, my daughter noticed that my neck was swelling and I was fighting for breath so she removed the sting and went to her friends and asked her friends mum if she could come and check me over to make sure I was okay, (that was twice by illness/allergy) the other twice was due to overindulgence in my drugs of choice which I am not going into here.

I have been told that my life story would make fascinating reading because I have lived a full life (until 2009 anyway). I only regret one thing I’ve done but lots of things I didn’t do, not because they were dangerous but rather that I bottled it.