Hats Off To (Roy) Harper

I’ve rediscovered the talent that is, was, and always will be Roy Harper. Why did I stop listening to my Roy Harper records and not replace them with cd’s or mp3’s till now? Answers on a humpbacked whale (live ones only) sent to your local sea world please. I had a plethora of music by not only Roy Harper but Marc Bolan, Led Zeppelin and Sparks which I’ve only recently started listening to again rediscovering the thrill of hearing a lot of these tracks as though for the first time.

I am particularly fond of Roy Harper, who I discovered through a friend before Led Zeppelin’s track which titles this blog post, which was going to be written yesterday but I couldn’t be bothered to do anything yesterday. Anyway, my friend had received a copy of a Flat Baroque and Berserk which we spent an entire afternoon listening to, smoking weed, munching on anything we could find and both of us decided it was the best album we had ever heard. The next day I went out to my local Bruce’s Record Store (in Kirkcaldy) and bought everything they had by Roy Harper. Took it home and I was not disappointed. The reason I mention all this is that when you find an artist you really like with no filler on an album (rare as that always has been) then you look for more by them and it profligates itself. You also feel as though you’re the only person who is really into them. (Listen to some of the studio talk on Flat Baroque and you’ll hear Roy’s take on this).

The question is, having not replaced these albums on mp3 until now I forgot how good Roy Harper is, whimsical and a brilliant performer and songwriter. Anyway, I’ll finish here for now but might be back later, Roy is calling me back.