I just heard th…

by davebarclay1954


I just heard that a colleague of mine, who I thought had beaten cancer, died this afternoon two months after it came back. This started me thinking about life and what we are all here for. I don’t believe for a minute that we are on here as a punishment by some powerful all seeing being nor are we here to suffer and be miserable. While I don’t believe in a God per se, I do believe there is some guiding force in the multiverse (thanks to Terry Pratchett for that word) who put us here and looks in from time to time to see how we are doing. Nature is as powerful a force as anything I have ever seen, from earthquakes to tornadoes and hurricanes. Nature, however, is not as destructive to human life as we are.

It only takes a good man to do nothing for evil to flourish, I don’t know who said that but whoever he was certainly knew what he was talking about. In the last 7 millenia more people have been killed in wars than Nature has ever managed to kill. Most of these wars were so called religious wars and if there is a God is he not a peace giver? Surely he would not want to see anyone kill or be killed in his name and I don’t care what name you decide to give him Jesus Christ, Mohammed, Islam all the good books come from the same source and have the same message, LOVE.

I could quote John Lennon but instead I will quote his song lyrics: There’s nothing you can do that can’t be done, nothing you can see that isn’t shown all you need is love. If we can accomplish so much in the name of war, smart bombs that kill thousands or machines that will protect the soldiers inside by becoming invisible, how much more could be achieved if we all pulled together to fight disease, poverty and ignorance?

I don’t mean to get on a soapbox but I seem to do it anyway, maybe that is what I’m supposed to do anyway, who knows as I certainly don’t. I ask more questions than I answer but maybe someone else will find the answers to these and others. Maybe in the future disease, poverty, war and famine will be things of the past and if we ever stop using money then people can get down to working for the common good rather than profit fueled through greed. I welcome criticism and any other comments on this post.