Electric Proms – Sir Paul McCartney

by davebarclay1954

I’m currently listening to the electric proms which was recorded a few months back on BBC4 and it got me thinking (again) about music and my passion for it. I remember when I was staying with my Aunt, Uncle and cousin in the late 1950’s (prior to February 1959 as Buddy Holly was still alive), my cousin had bought two new singles – the latest from Buddy Holly and also the latest from the Crickets. I listened to these and thoroughly lost myself in the music, I was very young (I was born in 1954 so was under 5) so the music didn’t give me any sexual feelings then, it does now which is the same for everyone who is passionate about it.

Anyway to go back to my original thought when I started this blog, Macca did a lot of old songs from his time with a little known four piece called the Beatles, don’t know if anyone remembers them? I was invited to see the Beatles live at Kirkcaldy Ice Rink in 1963/4 by my cousin (the same one, her name is Ann) but my mam said I couldn’t go. Nowadays I enjoy live music but can’t afford to go to many concerts. The last concert I was at was P!nk on the Funhouse tour in Newcastle Metro Radio Arena, it was brilliant but it would have been better if I hadn’t been in so much pain that day. I have seen Paul McCartney on the Red Rose tour and the Band on the Run tour with Wings. I have been to loads of concerts and festivals over the years since leaving home and played drums with an unsuccessful punk band in the mid-1970’s.

I wonder if anyone is reading this or if I’m doing my usual rambling for my own benefit (I must really bore people as no-one ever calls round to see me, they text or ring me or (more usually) I contact them first). It would be interesting to find out what gigs others have been to and which group or artist they thought was more stimulating. Of course if no-one reads this then it’s going to be a very short list. I think the best concert I went to was at the Valley in London to see the Who (all four original members), on the bill for that concert were several of my heroes, Lou Reed, Bad Company, Montrose and some other groups which I enjoyed before the Who finally came on stage. The day was absolutely fantastic and the music and atmosphere (fueled by several people around me sharing the odd joints during the day) was just brilliant. I have been to see other acts that I have enjoyed but not so many of my heroes on the one bill which is why I’ve chosen that one. I saw Michael McDonald when he supported Tina Turner at Woburn Abbey which comes a very close second, the hottest place at Woburn Abbey that night was on the stage when Tina came on she was fantastic live.

I have also seen the Rolling Stones live, David Bowie (twice), Status Quo (twice), Iron Maiden (three times), AC/DC, Guns ‘n’ Roses, Grateful Dead, Queen (three times), Mott The Hoople, Sensational Alex Harvey Band with Slade (twice each band headlined one tour), Brinsley Schwartz, Sex Pistols, Clash, Damned and Ian Dury (first time with Kilburn and the High Roads, second with the Blockheads). I would’ve liked to see lots of others but they either toured when I couldn’t afford tickets or couldn’t get the time off work. No pics with this one as the only theme running through this is music but it is varied music.