An introduction to my blog

by davebarclay1954


The pic sums up how I wish I felt, no doubt some people feel the same way as me as depression seems to be spreading like wildfire. The financial situation doesn’t help any and with more companies going to the wall, sometimes with no warning, you have to wonder if our leaders know what they are doing!

I’m new to this and decided to take it up when I read a blog from an online “friend” who writes random fun stuff so I thought I’d try my hand at it as well. Some days I might not post as I quite often just want to curl up in a corner and die, my current situation isn’t helping either as I’m on benefit and the amount I’m getting is going down soon so instead of having £5 a week for food I’m gonna be borrowing money to pay the rent.

Is it really the 21st Century in a first world (relatively) rich country? The big problem is we are being flooded with immigrants, who come here to claim benefits not to work and the government is bending over backwards to get sucked in by them. They get houses, essentials and luxuries thrown at them that a lot of people in this country can’t afford, even when they have 2 jobs working 80 hours a week.

To top it all off I should be getting ESA, or sickness benefit, as I’m unable to work because of my many illnesses, and mainly the depression, but the government; through ATOS; have decided that mental illness is not a visible disorder and therefore does not count as a reason to receive sickness benefit and I find myself having to apply for jobs I cannot do (due to having panic attacks when having to leave my flat which feel like heart attacks) and if I get offered one I’ll have to take it and then how will I cope when I can’t physically get out of the flat? Will they keep the job open for me if I call in sick for months at a time? Don’t think so, but then I’ll have to wait for 6 months before I get any benefit again. Where is the sense in that?

Sorry about the preaching, I just get so annoyed thinking about the position us natives have been put in due to insufficient funds for all those claiming (or trying to claim benefit). Don’t get me wrong, the foreign workers who come over here and take low paid jobs or open their own businesses are very welcome here as they are contributing to the economy. I have an even bigger problem when people come here live off our benefit system and then criticize OUR country for not being Muslim, I’ve got nothing against anyone following their own path or religion but I do have a problem with them forcing it down my throat with terrorism (and then abusing our right to free speech, we should limit this to one each, and have the right to send anyone abusing our hospitality back where they came from whether that would put them in harms way or not. Do it with the first few and the rest will soon shut up.

This blog is not going to be political in content, this rant is me getting things off my chest so that when I do start the blog proper followers can appreciate where I’ve been, what I’ve seen and treat me accordingly.